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[100% Grown in Japan, Iwate Prefecture] Superior Akitakomachi Rice, White Milled Short Grain Rice 【精米】岩手県産 あきたこまち - 11 Pound


About this item 

  • 🍙 In Iwate Prefecture, the temperature difference within a day is widest during the grain-filling period (a period when a seed grows and accumulates carbohydrates and protein), which is from early August to late September. 
  • 🍙 Just like us, rice find sweltering nights hard. With enough of a temperature difference, rice can rest well at night after getting enough sunlight during the daytime, making good rice with a high starch content. 
  • 🍙 The feature of this rice is moderate stickiness. It does not stick too much so it is suited for sushi and many other Japanese dishes. 
  • 🍙 Akitakomachi is the No.2 of Rice Production in Japan. Akitamachi is usually used by family or restaurant in Japan. Compare to normal rice, Akitakomachi contains more water, so it is suitable for making cold dishes such as Onigiri as well. Manufacturer control the quality of rice everyday and make sure the rice in best quality. That's why this product is high quality. 
  • 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 Product of Japan, 5KG / 11 Pound Pack

Superior Akitakomachi Rice, White Milled Short Grain Rice

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