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[Limited! Product of Japan, Kyoto Prefecture] Special Cultivated, West Japan Finest Koshihikari Sushi Rice, White Short Grain, Milled 精米「特別栽培米/機織る町のこしひかり」 


  • Received the highest rating "Special A" many times in the taste ranking by the Japan Grain Inspection Association. It is also used in Japanese restaurants with Michelin stars
  • The rice bags taken at the Bito Family on the Chirimen Kaido in the former Kaya Town are very much appreciated by overseas customers.
  • "Kyoto Tango Koshihikari" is cultivated using fertile soil, cold and clean water flowing from the mountains, and the temperature difference between day and night. It is characterized by its strong luster, stickiness, and sweetness.
  • It is a natural Koshihikari that uses plenty of organic fertilizer. Specially cultivated rice limited to Yosano Town, Okuzashiki, Kyoto.
  • 50% reduction in pesticides 90% reduction in chemical fertilizers
  • Product of Japan, 11 Pound / 5 KG

Special Cultivated, West Japan Finest Koshihikari Sushi Rice

  • Product Description

    Limited to Yosano, Okuzashiki, Kyoto "Specially cultivated rice / Koshihikari in the weaving town" Once upon a time, the sunshine as it is, the rice as it is Now, the rice in Yosano, Kyoto is interesting. It is a plump and glossy "delicious rice". Koshihikari known to those in the know, known as "Niigata Uonuma in the east" and "Tango in Kyoto in the west" "It's very popular with children for school lunch and" Kyo no Mamekko rice "!!" "Rice that uses organic fertilizer and is safe, secure, and has a good taste for children!" "Natural environment circulation rice" using okara fertilizer from Okuzashiki and Tango, which has supported the kitchen of Kyoto's food culture. "Koshihikari in the weaving town" responds to consumers' pure desire to eat delicious rice, as well as food safety. There is a Kyoto tofu factory in Yosano-cho, including "okara" ordered from there, "rice bran" with high active ingredients, We use "organic fertilizer", which is a "natural material" made by fermenting "fish ara" from the Sea of ​​Japan, which is rich in minerals, using our unique technology. This is due to the natural circulation agriculture that was reviewed from the soil and fertilizer that rice absorbs nutrients. It is a rice that is not only delicious but also kind to people and nature by using the ingredients department as fertilizer without using pesticides as much as possible.

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