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Japanese Extremely Rare , Ultra Premium, Yamagata Yukiwakamaru White Rice, Special Corp -【精米】山形県産 白米 雪若丸 (11 Pound)


  • Tsuyahime. Born of water bursting with nourishment from Japan’s largest primeval Japanese beech forest, the wisdom of generations past, and Yamagata’s winds, blowing gently throughout the four seasons
  • The forefather of our country’s most delicious rice, “Kameno-o.” From this noble lineage, a new brand is born.
  • Distinct grain size, white sheen, flavor, aroma, and texture make rice itself a feast.
  • Each bite tastes more of blissful delight. Tsuyahime is a supremely pure and delicious special rice
  • 11 Pound X 1 Sack

Tsuyahime’s roots lie in the legendary rice grown by Shonai farmer Abe Kameji: “Kameno-o.” The genes of Kameno-o, from which “Koshihikari” brand rice also originated, have been inherited by Tsuyahime. Tsuyahime rice was cultivated with care in Yamagata over the course of 10 years, with the aim to rival Koshihikari as the quintessential Japanese rice brand. 商品紹介 あの「つや姫」に凛々しい弟君の誕生です。 雪のように輝く白い粒。ひと粒ひと粒の食べ応えは、まさに新食感。見事な炊き映えは白いご飯の極致です。あっさりと上品な味わいはどんなおかずも引き立てて、毎日の日常が、ひと味リッチになることでしょう。 「雪若丸」は炊飯枚の白さ・外観・光沢・味が優れ、「はえぬき」より食味が優れています。 しっかりとした粒感と適度な粘りが両立した"新食感"です。

Japanese Extremely Rare , Ultra Premium, Yamagata Yukiwakamaru White Rice

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