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[Product of Japan, Miyagi Prefecture] Ishinomaki Hitomebore Short Grain White Rice, Special Package With Nitrogen Gas To Keep Milled Rice Freshness - 11 Pound


  • The good condition of temperature, soil, sun and water make it shiny texture, fragrant and sticky.
  • Literally known as “love at first sight”rice from northern part of Miyagi prefecture.
  • The rice has a fluffy texture, moderate hardness, and a frontispiece, and is beautifully "Hitomebore".
  • Only 1st grade rice is used. Paddy rice Uruchi rice Hitomebore 100% used.
  • Package is filling with nitrogen gas to keep the rice fresh!

Ishinomaki Hitomebore Short Grain White Rice

  • Hinode short grain Hitomebore is a premium variety of rice that originated in Japan. The grains are glossy and soft when cooked, with a sticky yet smooth texture. The hint of sweetness and pure aroma of Hitomebore rice is best when served as traditional table rice or in sushi.

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