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[Product of Japan, Nagano Prefecture] Nagano-Ken San Koshihikari Rice, Milled Short Grain White, ​Genuine Japanese Premium 長野県産こしひかり- 11 Pound


  • Treat yourself to luxury rice and enjoy the superior taste of Koshihikari rice. Grown in Nagano-Ken San, in central Japan known for producing high quality Koshihikari rice with excellent taste and texture
  • Koshihikari from Nagano Prefecture has deep mountains, clear blue water, rich soil and an environment where you can make delicious rice
  • Rice grown in a climate with a large amount of sunshine and a large temperature difference between day and night has been raised to the highest level of "umami, stickiness, and luster." Please enjoy Nagano's representative brand rice / delicious and sticky aroma. It is also ideal as a gift.
  • Product of Japan, 11 Pound / 5 KG

Nagano-Ken San Koshihikari Rice 長野県産こしひかり

  • Nagano Prefecture, which has magnificent nature, grows rice in an environment blessed with the refreshing water flowing from the mountains of the Japanese Alps and the spacious and fertile soil. In addition, because it is an inland area, the temperature difference between day and night is large, making it suitable for producing high-quality rice. 雄大な自然を抱く長野県は、日本アルプスの山々から流れ出る清涼な水と、広々として肥沃な土壌に恵まれた環境でお米を育てています。また、内陸部であることから昼夜の寒暖差が大きく、品質の良い米づくりに適しています。

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