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[Specially Cultivated ] Luxury Niigata Uonuma Koshihikari - Milled Short Grain White Sushi Rice, Nitrogen Gas Filling To Keep Rice Freshness, 50% Reduced Pesticides & Chemical Fertilizers 特別栽培米 新潟県 魚沼産こしひかり - 2 KG


About this item 

  • Less Than 0.003% of the Koshihikari Made in Uonuma. 
  • Uonuma is the most snowy region in Japan, so it has a lot of abundant snow melting water. 
  • The soil is suitable for the cultivation of Koshihikari in the basin of the Uono and Shinano rivers. 
  • Due to the climate peculiar to the basin, the sugar content of Koshihikari increases. 
  • Under these conditions, the best rice in Japan is cultivated. 
  • Nitrogen Gas Filling To Keep Rice Freshness. 
  • Specially cultivated rice is rice grown with less than 50% of the use of pesticides subject to savings and 50% or less nitrogen composition of chemical fertilizers, compared to the level of practice determined by the prefecture and region to be produced. 
  • 100% Japan Rice - 2KG / 4.4 Pound Sack.

Luxury Niigata Uonuma Koshihikari - Reduced Pesticides & Chemical Fertilizers

  • The finest production area brand rice "Uonuma Koshihikari". The beautiful natural water gushing from the mountains, including snow melting water, and the intense temperature difference between day and night in the mountains nurture sticky and sweet rice. From sharpening rice, when you open the pot, when you try to put it in a bowl, when you eat it. " Oh, this is different from ordinary rice..." You will understand from time to time. It's delicious even if it's cold, and the grains are firm, but it has a chewy texture. Because it is a special rice, it is also recommended as a gift. We will deliver freshly polished rice from farmers directly from the production area!

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