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Luxury Kyoto Tanba Koshihikari Rice [Specially Cultivated ] Milled Short Grain White Sushi Rice, Reduced Pesticides & Chemical Fertilizers 特別栽培米★京都丹波産こしひかり - 5KG / 11 Pound


About this item 

  • The Tanba region, located in the central area of Kyoto Prefecture, is a rice producing area famous for its famous water blessed with many clear streams. It is also an area where calm rural scenery spreads and old-fashioned nature remains firmly. Famous water with plenty of the blessings of the clear stream and Tanba rice grown in rich natural soil are characterized by a good taste, soft and sweet taste. 
  • Specially cultivated rice is rice grown with less than 50% of the use of pesticides subject to savings and 50% or less nitrogen composition of chemical fertilizers, compared to the level of practice determined by the prefecture and region to be produced. 
  • 100% Japan Grown & Imported Rice - 5 KG / 11 Pound Sack

Luxury Kyoto Tanba Koshihikari Rice - Reduced Pesticides & Chemical Fertilizers

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