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  • 33lb / 15KG Professional & Restaurant Grade!
  • 備長炭 Binchotan Hosomaru (Skinny Charcoal) 細丸
  • Almost Smokeless!


Binchotan is a traditionally Japanese charcoal that is completely different from American charcoal in just about every way possible. White binchotan is chemical free, almost smoke free, and burns for up to 4-5 hours at a consistent temperature. Not only is it ideal for grilling, but it will also last an entire service. The lack of chemical additives and the incredibly high heat preserves the flavorful juices, adds a beautiful sear, and makes anything barbecued on it absolutely delectable. These wonderful charcoal are not limited to kitchen usages, they also have health benefits if used properly!

Hosomaru (Skinny Charcoal) 備長炭 White Charcoal 33 Lb. / 15 Kg. Professional & Res

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