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[100% Japan Rice] Hokkaido Extra Premium Yumepirika Rice, High-End Grade Short Grain Milled Sticky White Sushi Rice, Nitrogen Gas Filling To Keep Rice Freshness【精米】 北海道で育成された ゆめぴりか - 2 KG / 4.4 Pound 


About this item 

  • GREAT TASTE AND TEXTURE - Yumepirika has a sticky and chewy texture characterized by the blend of sweetness and aroma of Koshihikari and Akitakomachi. With a large grain size and beautiful cooked luster, every picture-perfect bowl will taste better than the last. 
  • Moderate stickiness and rich sweetness are evaluated as "Special A" every year! Hokkaido's finest brand rice "Yumepirika" 
  • Yumepirika from Hokkaido, which has been introduced on TV and has received high praise nationwide. Every year, it has been highly evaluated as the taste ranking "Special A". 
  • Yumepirika has a low amylose that affects the taste of rice, so it contains moderate stickiness, and the cooking is excellent in both softness and luster. 
  • In addition, the rich sweetness and umami do not change even if it gets cold. It is a rice that you can eat deliciously regardless of your taste, such as the hardness or stickiness of rice. In the taste evaluation, "Yumepirika" got the same level of evaluation as Niigata Koshihikari. First of all, please have a glass of white rice. It's moderately soft, and the gentle taste spreads in your mouth. 
  • 100% Grown & Imported From Japan 
  • 2 KG / 4.4 Pound X 1 Sack


Hokkaido Yumepirika Rice - Short Grain Milled Sticky White Sushi Rice

  • For a rice that exemplifies the importance Japanese industry places on attention to detail, it is hard to beat Yumepirika rice. This Japanese rice has been grown with three principles in mind: The finest raw ingredients, the best in rice-growing techniques, and the goal to grow the best rice in Japan. Try Yumepirika with any Japanese dish and find out for yourself whether it is, indeed, the best rice in Japan.

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