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[100% Made in Japan] - 金の極味シリーズ, KIN NO KIWAMI GOLDEN SOUP BASE (Super Premium Bonito Dashi Made w/ Moshio (Awaji Island), Authentic Dashi Stock with Rich Umami - 14.1 Ounce (8 Sachets Included)


  • Authentic Dashi Stock with Rich Umami (Product of Japan)
  • Traditional Japanese restaurant-style stock made with mild Awaji-shima Moshio and other carefully selected ingredients in convenient tea-bag style portions provide a clear, golden dashi stock with nearly no effort.
  • Great for noodle soups, chawanmushi (savory steamed egg custard), Japanese rolled omelette, and more.
  • Made with only the finest ingredients, this Dashi Pack was developed with a unique production method using famed “Awajishima No Moshio” for salt and absolutely no chemical seasonings.
  • Total 14.1 Ounce - 8 Sachets

Select Raw Materials and Source Area: 1. Salt: Moshio(Awaji Island) 2. Dried bonito(katsuobushi): fermented dried bonito(honkarebushi)and dried bonito(arabushi)(Yaizu, Shizuoka Pref.) 3. Dried mackerel(sababushi): fermented dried mackerel(karebushi)(Yaizu, Shizuoka Pref.) 4. Dried anchovy, herring or sardine(iwashibushi): Urume iwashibushi (Kumamoto Pref.) 5. Kelp(konbu): Rishiri konbu(Hokkaido) 6. Shiitake mushroom: Koshin(Miyazaki Pref.)


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